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Over the years CHAIN has amassed a great deal of literature about incineration and the problems inherent within this process.  Much of the literature is elsewhere on this site as part of the articles we have written however this area simply lists all of the papers you might be interested in and puts them in one place.

If you can’t find what you are looking for then please email us and we’ll endeavour to put it on the site.

European Banks bankroll the incinerator industry

Recycling always beats Incineration

How MBT Works

Landfill Directive without Burning

Incineration and Human Health

Greenpeace Review of Incinerator Performance

Getting to Zero Waste

House Prices – Economic Impact

Dangerous Dioxins

UK Incinerator Performance – A Review

Report into the health impact of the Belgian MIWA waste incinerator

No harm – Particulate Factsheet

BSEM Health Report into Incinerators 2006