Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Useful Links

UK Without Incineration Network

As time permits we will add to this page links to other groups and campaigns around the country fighting to prevent incinerators being built in their neighbourhoods, as well as national and global campaigns.

The main coordinating ‘body’ for anti incineration groups nationwide is UK WIN, on whose website you will find the most comprehensive list of anti incineration campaigns in the UK along with other useful resources for campaigning.  Rather than recreate their list here we have included a link to their campaign website so please feel free to browse their resources as well as ours.

If you run a campaign website and would like to put a link on your site to ours please feel free to do so.  If you also email us we will place a reciprocal link on our site.

Campaign Group Link Notes
Guildford Anti-Incinerator Network http://www.no-incinerator.org.uk/ Won the battle against incinerators in Surrey late 2010
UK Without Incineration Network http://ukwin.org.uk/ A National website bringing news of all the campaigns in the UK
Greenpeace http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/incineration/anti-incineration-links Links to some of the long running incinerator battles in the UK
Marston Moreteyne Action Group http://mmetag.wordpress.com/ Fighting another Covanta EfW plant in Bedfordshire
People Against Incineration http://www.p-a-in.co.uk/ The successful campaign against an incinerator in Rainworth
Pinkham Way incinerator http://pinkhamwayincinerator.blogspot.com/ Campaigning against an incinerator in London
Halton Action Group Against The Incinerator – HAGATI https://sites.google.com/site/haltonbreathe/ Still fighting against the Ineos Chlor Runcorn incinerator