Do you have a ‘burning’ question about Incineration???

The time will soon be with us when CHAIN will have the opportunity to cross examine TATA/EON as they bid to get their planning application for the Lostock incinerator past the Planning Inspector at the Northwich Planning Inquiry.  Normally these Inquiries can be dull affairs with a huge amount of time spent on technical details but this time CHAIN would like your help to enliven the proceedings.

We’re looking for some great questions to ask TATA/EON about their proposal, details of which you can find here.  If you read their website please take a lot of what they say with a huge pinch of salt, as it is nicely dressed to support their case.

For example if you read the bit about ‘The Need’ you may think that it is essential that they get this plant or the whole firm could be in trouble.  If you read between the lines though you will see that their ‘need’ is all about reducing costs with absolutely no guarantee that this would retain jobs at the Lostock site.  In fact if they got planing permission there would be nothing stopping them closing the Lostock operation entirely and selling the plant to EON to use for energy generation.  So their ‘need’ has nothing to do with sustainable business or sustainable energy generation and everything to do with sustaining profits.

And once again this has nothing to do with the local community or the impact this plant would have on them.  The final bit about ‘supporting the pensions of 600 former employees’ is nothing short of sickening.   Tata Group turned over $67.4 billion in 2009/10 and made $1.74 billion profit.  I somehow doubt that the inability to get planning permission for this plant will harm the 600 local pensioners chance of getting their pensions…..

So come on, let us have those questions.  Send your emails to and we’ll make sure that the very best questions are placed at the heart of our defence of the local community.