How many more incinerators can we possibly need? Deeside this time!

In an astonishing turn of events, despite the overwhelming evidence at the recent Northwich public inquiry which clearly demonstrated that there is sufficient burning capacity in Cheshire already built and planned to handle the entire North West’s waste, a new proposal has been announced to build yet another incinerator, this time on Deeside.

Quite astonishingly, this new plant is planned for Deeside Industrial Park and if given the go ahead would be upwind of us here in Cheshire so we would suffer from its output once again.

It beggars belief that so many of these plants are being proposed, and many even given planning permission, turning this part of the UK into a dustbin for the country’s rubbish. This, and all the other plants, only make financial sense when there are Renewable Obligation Certificates to help pay for it all as without the subsidies from these then there is no credible argument for them. Add to this the downward trend of residual waste in the UK and the upward trend of recycling and you have to ask the question, what exactly is it these pyromaniacs want to burn? Answers on a postcard please…..