Knutsford residents to get additional silver bin for recycling

Knutsford residents are set to receive a new Silver recycling bin which will be used to collect all dry recyclable materials including a wide range of plastics.  The bins are due to be rolled out from September 12th 2011 and will bring Knutsford into line with other areas in Cheshire East Council.

As Cheshire East achieved a recycling rate of just under 50% in 2009/10 it is hoped that the introduction of this new bin will mean that recycling rates can rise even further throughout the County.  With the National average recycling rate being around 40% it means that the North West can once again become a trail blazer for the rest of the UK.

Whilst these great recycling rates and improved recycling services are good news in their own right, it’s even better news for those campaigning against the proposed Covanta incinerator in Middlewich, as it once again underlines the basic flaw in the plan which is that there will never be sufficient material to burn to make the plant worthwhile.  The more the people of Cheshire recycle the less material that can end up in an incinerator.