Think Northwich won’t get an incinerator? Think again….

According to the latest news it would seem that everything we have done to date may well be in vain as a Tata/EON consortium have now moved closer to securing a 300,000 tonnes p.a. feed stock for their little incinerator project. As our latest press release shows, the consortium are now on a shortlist of two to secure the waste contract for West London Waste Authority. So not only are they doing their best to secure a steady stream of waste to burn, but they are planning to ship it 200 miles north to do so.

For anyone who believed the statements of intent at the Public Inquiry, that they would try and source ‘local’ waste, that the incinerator would be for ‘local’ waste and that they would primarily look at shipping waste by rail it would seem that your belief was seriously misplaced.

CHAIN have long argued that this project is nothing to do with ‘local’ waste and is simply a money generating project to ship waste from across the UK (and Europe if required) to dump and burn in Cheshire. We’ve put up with the brickbats that we are ‘delusional’, ‘scaremongers’ and ‘nimbys’ but now, as this story plays out, it seems that we weren’t scaremongering after all.

The position of Tata/EON is a total affront to the residents of Northwich and the people of Cheshire. Right now you can still stop this by contacting your MP and making it clear that you cannot support this  madness. You owe it to yourself and future generations to fight this proposal.