Northwich Guardian reports on Pre Inquiry Meeting – and avoids the word Incinerator!!!

Once again the Guardian has done a wonderfully balanced job of reporting on the pre Inquiry meeting to be held next Tuesday, yet the entire report seems to avoid using the word Incinerator at all.  The comments underneath the article are probably mor revealing than the reporting itself and you can read the story and comments here.

Let’s be clear, the proposal for this plant is to drop a 600,000 tonne incinerator on the edge of town and let it sit there for the next 40-50 years.  There seems to be clear disregard for the residents of Northwich and any reassurance that is requested is met with standard PR spin which contains a lot of platitudes and little concrete reassurance.  And that is because they cannot offer any reassurance or guarantees. Once you build an Incinerator you are stuck with it – for a lifetime.  If it goes wrong it happens on your doorstep.  If it breaches its emissions those same emissions will be inhaled by you and your family.  If it catches fire (one of the many hazards of an incinerator ironically) it’s on fire next to our houses, schools and community.  If Northwich has one of it’s inversions (a regular occurrence in spring and autumn) then the emissions from the chimney, no matter how high it is, will not disperse and we will all inhale the muck it pours out.

So, if you care about where you live and the health of you and your family, you could do worse than attend the Pre Inquiry meeting at Northwich Victoria Football Club next Tuesday, 26th July and register your protest.