What are TATA/EON up to now???

It may seem that everything has gone quiet over the past few months however as the old saying goes, there is generally a calm before the storm.

Behind the scenes it seems that our old friends at TATA/EON have been busy. Faced with the realisation that they simply cannot find enough waste to fill a 600,000 tonne incinerator it appears that they have been secretly lobbying CWAC to try and get a variation on the planning permission to build a 300,000 tonne incinerator instead.

Quite apart from the fact that they simply cannot do this; the conditions of the initial planning permission make this clear, it also misses the point that it is no longer for energy needs. In fact with Winnington scaling back, and they insisted that it was needed to power the Winnington site, why do they still need an incinerator?

The answer is they don’t. Read the details here and the speech made to CWAC Council by Hilary Cartwright on behalf of CHAIN here.

This fight is far from over…..