Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A million tonnes of CO2 over Cheshire West

To all members of Cheshire West and Chester Borough Council

Dear Councillors,
Georgia Elliott-Smith is probably the most well known native of Northwich at the present time.
She was born in Davenham Maternity Hospital (closed 1976), reared in Weaverham and
attended Weaverham High School. She now lives in London and the reason for her current fame
is set out in the reports about the legal battle that that she has embarked upon in The Guardian
on 26 August and in the Northwich Guardian a couple of weeks ago. Both are linked for you
to read.

The subject matter of Georgia’s action has a direct relevance to CWAC Council that you should
be aware about; particularly regarding the objective for the Borough to be carbon neutral by
2045.The problem for those who are worried about the climate emergency is that the much
lauded target has a big hole in it in the shape of the 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2 that will be
released to the atmosphere over Cheshire West every year by the waste burning incinerators
that are already operating or due to come on stream over the next few years. Unless the law is
changed in the way that Georgia is fighting to achieve, just a tiny percentage of the million
tonnes will be taken into account. In reality, the target is a confidence trick which could be
neutered if Georgia’s legal action is successful.

For clarification, Georgia is not a member of CHAIN. She contacted the group via our website to
tell us about her project and we are pleased to do what we can to help her. Our planet needs
more people like her if it is to survive. If you wish to make a donation to help cover her legal
costs, you can do so at the following site:-https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/makeincineration-

With respect, it is important our elected representatives should know about this and put a few bob in the kitty if they think it is appropriate.

Best regards and try to stay safe.

Environmental activist demands waste changes Guardian CO2 Aug 20
Environmental activist demands waste changes Guardian CO2 Aug 20